A career with Sofren




I joined Sofren as a recruitment assistant on an internship program. It is a job that requires communication skills and tenacity to succeed. I very quickly seized the opportunity to move into a role with more responsibilities and then became a "business engineer" at company head office. Over a period of a few months, I took responsibility for the commercial activities of a perimeter including some of our largest customers and I am now responsible for a team of ten international consultants.

The engineering world was unknown to me a few months ago, and now I am working on exciting projects in a dynamic economic environment. With the help of active managers that are present day to day I was lucky enough to be able to quickly acquire new skills. Sofren is above all a company where everyone has opportunities, a company where you are encouraged to seize opportunities, grow and to build your career.



"I arrived at Sofren as an assistant. With hard work, desire, and results, I am now head of Sales Administration.

At Sofren, career development is important. Having technical responsibilities such as team management are major challenges for me – Sofren gave me the means to meet them and so grow. I feel as if Sofren has always believed in me and was able to drive my career progression. With the supervision of my managers and the rewarding assignments coupled with my determination, all the conditions for success are there in order to build on my career progression!!"



"When working on one of my previous projects, I had the good fortune to interface with Sofren consultants. Their enthusiasm, professionalism, and rigour immediately attracted me. At the same time, I met one of their managers. His presentation of the job of consultant, associated with the prospects for the projects he was offering me made me decide to join them. My induction took place under the best possible conditions: this convinced me even more of the strength of Sofren.

It’s now three years since I began working for Sofren as a test engineer working on electricity power plants, in particular on the combined gas cycle in Bouchain in northern France. I am very proud of my contribution to Sofren’s work on this major project. It is easy to use my technical skills and be proactive – so I find my job fulfilling."