Why Sofren ?

The advantages of working for Sofren

Sofren rewards hard work, commitment, and knowledge. The benefits and programs that have been put in place by human resources are designed to attract and retain employees. Team spirit is an essential aspect of the Sofren culture.

Generally speaking, our business and the high technological value sectors in which we work require extensive knowledge and rigour. They also require a good dose of intuition and creativity. We therefore strive to choose the most talented engineers and technicians. We are committed to engaging them on exciting projects that make them want to excel themselves and directly participate in the company's success.

An international dimension

Our expertise in the energy, industry, and infrastructure sectors allows us to support our customers in their projects worldwide. We have opened several subsidiaries and offices abroad and are now present in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, where there are significant and regular needs in relation to energy and infrastructure.

Particular emphasis has been placed on international expansion over the past three years with a view to supporting the development of the Group and drawing attention to the excellence of the results of our engineering services.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a vital part of Sofren’s organization and management. Our company is organized around a quality, safety and environment management system and has been OHSAS 18001 certified since February 2016 (and previously MASE from 2013).

Sofren regularly organizes health and safety events. These raise employees’ awareness about topics that are selected on the basis of either the Group’s requirements at the time or topical events and enable them to learn and improve the health and safety culture.

With the objective of ensuring employees’ health and safety, Sofren makes personal protective equipment available to its entire staff, the use of which may become mandatory depending on the project context and environment.

Sofren pays particular attention to identifying and dealing with abnormal situations that may be detrimental to employees’ health and safety. The aim is to detect hazardous situations as soon as possible so they do not become near misses or accidents.


Our company culture focuses on three areas:

  • Respect for the individual: promoting diversity, providing a stimulating, open environment in which everyone is respected. Recruiting and promoting the best talent within the company, encouraging them to excel and adopt a can-do attitude.
  • Customer performance: improving our customers’ economic performance, building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships based on the excellence of our services.
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship: recognizing and developing best practices, providing innovative and reliable solutions, developing partnerships and cooperation to improve the performance of the company and its customers.