SOFREN pays very special attention to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues.

Our company is organized on the basis of a quality, safety, and environment management system, and in order to ensure the highest standards, is certified by a number of different organizations. SOFREN is ISO 9001 certified as regards its quality management, enabling it to provide the highest standards of service and optimal customer satisfaction.

In health and safety terms, SOFREN is OHSAS 18001 certified and was previously MASE certified, which is a guarantee of our commitment to protecting our employees and subcontractors. Furthermore, as part of our ionizing radiation related activities, SOFREN has CEFRI-E certification and is committed to maintaining the lowest possible exposure for the staff concerned.

SOFREN’s HSE commitments include:

  • Continually improving our health and safety management
  • Ensuring optimal working conditions for all our employees
  • Complying with the current regulations
  • Identifying and managing hazardous situations and the potential risks associated with our activities
  • Educating, training and involving all employees in HSE
  • Conducting safety activities to educate all our employees about the risks to which they are or may be exposed
  • Ensuring identified risks are prevented and putting adequate protection systems in place
  • Protecting our employees’ health in relation to drug and alcohol addiction
  • Informing all our workers about their right to warn and withdraw their labour
  • Educating all staff on environmental issues
  • Decreasing the impact of our activities on natural resources, and decreasing soil, water and air pollution as far as possible
  • Taking action to preserve a well-balanced environment that respects the health of our employees

Through all these commitments, SOFREN ensures the health and safety of all its employees and subcontractors – a vital guarantee in relation to your engineering, study, and consulting projects.