Our vision

Our aim is to strengthen our customers’ technical and financial performances by designing their complex technology installations.

We provide our customers with simple, effective, and competitive solutions because these solutions are guided by the design's optimization and execution costs of the projects entrusted to us. We undertake to examine several alternative solutions in parallel that will meet the needs of our customers, taking into account their technical and economic objectives right from the start of project design. Our aim is to offer our partners the benefit of our experience through solutions that meet the challenges.

We therefore stand out with our expertise and our constant search for innovation, assisted by smooth digital communication between our engineers and consultants. Our impressive credentials combined with the renewed listings with major players give us real legitimacy in our sectors of activity.

Our responsibility in relation to the projects and our customers is twofold: as a good citizen corporate, we work hard to minimize our impact on the world; and as a designer and consultant, we seek to influence the decisions of our customers in a positive way by bringing them the most responsible solutions.

Yann AUBRY LECOMTE – Directeur général

Fabrice GIRARD – Président