Hydropower in the form of marine energy falls within our area of expertise in renewable energy projects. From the French coastline to the United Arab Emirates, we continue to build on our experience thanks to some important references in the field.


Hydropower represents 19% of the world’s total electricity production and 13% of that produced in France. It is the most widely used source of renewable energy.

The principle behind hydropower is simple: the water turns a turbine that drives an electricity generator. Although the principle underlying electricity generation is simple, hydraulic technologies involve particularly high construction and maintenance costs. The contractual, environmental, and engineering particularities of these large-scale projects have become the speciality of Sofren’s specialized renewable energy design office.

Sofren helps the largest private and public operators to develop their projects. From the design of hydroelectric dams to the supervision of construction and commissioning and maintenance, Sofren teams use their technical, environmental and regulatory (coordination with local authorities) know-how to provide services that ensure both the profitability and the safety of its customers’ installations.


Hydraulic dam producing electricity