Marine power energy

Historically present on the French coast (the Cotentin and Provence), we have positioned our core business in the field of energy infrastructure. Bringing our expertise to our customers to convert ocean forces into energy is a logical continuation of our activities.

With its establishments on the French coast, Sofren has chosen to develop a benchmark marine energy design office focusing on the control and use of the natural energy flows provided by the seas and oceans. In this sector, Sofren’s expertise covers:

  • Tidal energy: the movement of the water is used to turn turbines and generate electricity by means of tidal power plants.
  • The energy of ocean currents: the huge amounts of water displaced over very large distances produce energy by means of marine current power turbines.
  • Swell: the swell is a current which moves the sea vertically. Wave energy converters capture this energy and transform it into electricity.
  • Algae: the sea also contains aquatic vegetation. The use of algae as a biofuel is beginning to develop. The algae are then used as biomass (see Bioenergy).

The design offices rely on their experience and their specialists in marine engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, and the environment in order to advise its customers on the best technology and support in relation to the design, completion, and start up programs for the installations that have been commissioned.


marine energy