Defense and naval

We have historically been involved in the defence and naval sectors to which we offer our expertise, targeting highly demanding projects in terms of security and risk management.


In a world where the security of states engages the security of their citizens too, the defence sector plays a major role. Expertise and technological tools must adapt to the ever-changing risks.

Sofren has developed the capacity to manage projects that include significant technical and safety constraints, which is highly applicable in the defence and naval sectors. Sofren is acting as.the exclusive partner of a railway customer on a pilot project that consists of developing an application for drones – UAV unmanned aerial vehicles. The aim is to monitor the network to maintain the rails and also to provide information about intrusions and the theft of metal. Partnerships are also being developed with nuclear and aerospace research players.

The association of electronic disciplines with risk management prompted Sofren to become involved in monitoring special manufacturing processes and therefore production quality, in particular in relation to electronic board manufacturing processes.

The Sofren teams also prepare compliance plans. Other teams draw up the technical specifications for the aeraulic materials for the ventilation systems of a local crisis centre (the construction of which was required by the ASN (the French nuclear safety authority).

Sofren’s design offices have also created partnerships with the shipbuilding industry in relation to the use of designs and qualifications for nuclear propulsion systems.

Finally, expertise in nuclear safety and dependability is equally relevant for missile technology programs. Sofren is able to bring in its teams with the above areas of expertise in design and industrialization phases as well as in commissioning and operating phases. In addition, the disciplines associated with embedded electronics (embedded railway equipment) are sometimes similar to those required in the aerospace industry.


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