Like you, we believe it is vital to control our interventions in high risk environments within a regulatory framework, in order, as far as possible, to achieve "zero risk".

The impact of industrial activities on the environment is increasingly well regulated, and in addition requires the highest level of expertise. The environment is a major focus for us day to day: Sofren attaches the same importance to the environment as its customers do. Furthermore, Sofren trains and educates its employees in HSE regulations and is OHSAS 18001certified.

With its teams’experience and expertise, Sofren is able to conduct on-site surveys and provide services such as:

  • Effluent analysis and treatment: sampling, transmission and laboratory analysis. Sofren optimizes processes and filtration and effluent reprocessing methods
  • Analysis and treatment of atmospheres and fine particles (NH3, O2, CO2 H2S, etc.): Sofren uses atmospheric measuring equipment (gas detectors) to set critical and regulatory limits, and improve the quality and quantity of emissions
  • Design and supervision of equipment installation in order to minimize atmospheric emissions and the environmental impact
  • Solutions for transporting and recycling industrial waste (hazardous waste, radioactive waste, etc.): identification, determination of transport solutions for industrial waste and the associated treatment sectors in accordance with current regulations. Sofren is involved in all the above phases: sorting, recycling, incineration, landfill, storage and warehousing.
  • Regulatory and normative intelligence: undertaking legal and normative intelligence on all environmental areas (environmentally classified installations, asbestos, ATEX directives, radioactive source, etc.)
  • Implementation of the environmental management system (ISO 14001, etc.): implementing and running the Environmental Management System (EMS), documentation system, processes, procedures, monitoring indicators and targets, links with stakeholders, etc.
  • Analysis and implementation of systems optimizing energy performance (ISO 50001, etc.): implementation of systems optimizing energy performance for buildings and industrial sites. Implementation of standards and other customer requirements.


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