Food processing

The increase in the world population brings new issues and challenges for the food industry in terms of production, innovation and the environment. We take on these challenges alongside you and offer high value-added technical solutions.


With its traditional expertise in the material processing and production industries, Sofren quickly diversified in order to offer its multidisciplinary expertise in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, E&I and process engineering to the food industry.

At each stage of raw product processing, Sofren supports its customers in relation to the following activities:

  • Studies and site activities relating to geotechnics, civil engineering and general installation on design and construction projects for new industrial building
  • Process engineering used to optimize design and productivity
  • Research on new products and consulting services in relation to the quality and compliance of the finished product. Here Sofren is able to offer the benefit of its experience in manufacturing (food processing, as well as in chemistry, biotechnology, etc.) thereby increasing innovation
  • Designs (sizing, calculations, modelling) for new and more efficient mechanical equipment
  • QHSE related regulatory intelligence associated with environmental impact and safety assessments ensuring compliance with European standards


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