Manufacturing, which is an integral part of industry, includes production and processing various groups of goods or industrial equipment. Mining, pharmaceutical, food processing and refining activities are therefore covered in more detail elsewhere on the website. Turnover in this sector is increasing year on year. In France and Switzerland, Sofren has in particular built two technical offerings specifically for the watchmaking industry and for the industry producing special machinery and equipment for the biotechnology and health sectors.


Watchmaking & Micromechanics

Sofren supports the most prestigious manufacturers by research and development, designing high-value equipment, and building and maintaining production facilities.

Whether improving what already exists or developing innovative processes, Sofren supports its customers in every respect. Its watchmaking and micromechanical component expertise spans all V-model phases:

  • In the R & D and design phase in respect of movements and casings: development, mechanical design, implementation plan and design
  • Pre-studies to bring our expertise to your technical offices: creation of innovative materials (defining objectives, contributing ideas, viability, development, rapid prototyping), tribology and surface treatment studies, creating new movements or optimizing existing ones, adding new complications and simulating new concepts
  • In processes: updating ranges and operating procedures, interpreting technical data and establishing areas for improvement, insourcing or integrating supplier skills, analysing operating methods, design methodologies and proposals for optimization, validating new processes and implementing new quality tools
  • Trials and tests: aging cycle, fatigue, fracture, impacts, magnetic fields, sealing, etc.
  • Methods and industrialization: maintenance methods, problem solving, cost reduction, reliability analysis, process analysis, process development, feasibility studies and validation of new manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Production: reliability analysis, tool development, line qualification, logistics and planning
  • Quality: continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, lean management, six sigma, kaizen

Establishing new services is also a focus area for Sofren and its teams: after sales service and maintenance, one-off export of competences (for example. outsourced steering for R & D on a new product), exporting some innovations to other sectors, and clickstream analysis.


Special Equipment and Machines

In an increasingly specialized market, Sofren works on all aspects from the pre-project study phase and overall design through to the qualification and validation of equipment.

Sofren is involved in the different engineering aspects specific to special machines – for example mechanical engineering, hardware and software engineering, (from PLC to embedded systems) and process and quality engineering.

In particular Sofren brings its expertise to:

  • Constructing production tooling for prototype / pre-series
  • Designing and optimizing systems
  • Supervising and installing new machines
  • Qualifying new processes and equipment
  • Monitoring and improving facilities


watchmaking and micromechanics