From exploration studies to the construction and operation of mines, Sofren offers its services on a wide range of projects, not only in the design phase but also on site: ore mining for electricity generation (bauxite, uranium); extraction of precious metals (nickel, phosphorus, copper, etc.). Our mineral processing, geology and infrastructure experts focus on your mining related projects.


Sofren decided to move closer to its customers’ activities and projects by creating subsidiaries in Africa and the Middle East, and by deploying its teams on other continents (in New Caledonia, Australia, Canada, Brazil).

Its teams of engineers specializing in geology, mineral processing, geotechnics, civil engineering, and the environment make up a skills centre able to intervene on every phase of mining projects:

  • Exploration, site surveys, geo-modelling
  • Designing mines and the necessary infrastructure (constructing roads, living accommodation, utilities, etc.)
  • Geotechnical and environmental studies
  • Designing special equipment such as conveyors, grinders, crushers, etc.
  • Operational support, project management
  • Expertise on transport networks (rail / pipelines, etc.)
  • Mineral processing

Sofren also brings the expertise available in its design offices to work on R&D design and sizing studies for new exploration and mining tools.


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