Energy transmission

We have the necessary expertise in all project phases, covering all aspects from the feasibility studies to the inspection and maintenance phases, incorporating design, project management, supervision of works, maintenance, and rehabilitation of electricity networks.


Sofren carries out regulatory studies, compliance studies and dependability studies and establishes industrial electricity network protection plans. The studies include network design calculations, power reviews, cable routing plans, verifications of technical reports, and verifications of earthquake resistance. Sofren’s teams also conduct technical studies on the selection of the equipment to be used and dynamic stability studies on the network.

One of the customers for which our teams work uses its expertise in electricity systems and transport networks right across the entire project life cycle. In this context Sofren has been approached for porting the Python ("PSEN") layer for PowerFactory (programming), an activity that requires industrial network skills.

This activity requires programming expertise including the ability to write and debug the program, as well as calculating the critical fault clearing time in the network study. The deliverables namely expected depend on the specifications, namely (partial list):

  • The type of network (HV / MV / LV)
  • The type of fault (short circuit, power surge, congestion, line or transformer overload, phase imbalance)
  • The behaviour of the means of production and of consumption in the network.
  • Automation of dynamic simulations in PSSE (programming and electrical engineering)

Engineers working in these areas have automatic simulation programming and automatic signal processing expertise.