Land structures

Our expertise lies in railway, road, and motorway projects – as well as in infrastructure projects in all the sectors in which we provide our expertise and innovation.

Sofren works on all aspects of concrete (reinforced and / or prestressed) or steel structures, and on road and rail routes from the preliminary studies to the acceptance of the works. The works concerned include concrete, steel, and composite structures for rail, road or pedestrian traffic, bridges, viaducts, and gangways.

Sofren employs calculation methodologies able to prove the quality of existing structures or reinforce them as much as is strictly required. Sofren works on road platforms, with the aim of rationalizing cut / fill costs. Sofren’s expertise in relation to existing structures also applies to individual structures, i.e. pathology diagnosis, recalculating structures on the basis of the standards at the time of construction (CM66, BAEL, BPEL) or to current standards (Eurocodes). The design offices have also developed a capacity to work on road design.

As a result of its experience, Sofren is able work on bridges and infrastructures of various sizes and types: short to medium or long spans, curved beams, structure, support cable, road bridges, rail, freight, viaducts, footbridges, etc.

Sofren has created key partnerships and groupings which mean it is able to position itself on highly challenging complete construction programs. Sofren is aware of the importance of transport in today’s world and works not only in urban environments but also in environments that are sometimes less technically conducive to the execution of the works.

Among the railway projects, the design offices have carried out project studies for a railway bridge, participated in the study on railway development north of Toulouse, and developed a preliminary design and project study on a footbridge and lifts.

SOFREN also participates in the biggest urban project in Europe : le Grand Paris Express. Click here to read more.