Marine works

Since 2006 we have continued to demonstrate our increasing ability to successfully conduct expansion and rehabilitation projects, as well as new projects covering all aspects from the feasibility study phases to the supervision of works on marine and river projects.        


With its recognized experience and the optimal operation of its design offices on civil engineering and environmental projects, Sofren is now approached for contracting authority support, project management support, and expert assessments (diagnoses of existing structures, aging studies). Its teams conduct technical and economic studies upstream, multimodal studies, environmental impact studies, and prepare regulatory dossiers and subsidy applications. In addition, design studies may include preliminary studies, detailed studies, and tender documents.

Because the engineering teams are working on a number of port and marine projects in France (for Grands Ports Maritimes) and internationally, it was logical to create a river branch focusing on innovative projects such as developing a heavy cargo water transport system. Whether land or water-based, marine and river structures make use of specific techniques and expertise. The associated marine and river engineering skills span all project phases (design, implementation, execution, operation):

Management and supervision of port infrastructure projects

  • Design of new quays / terminals
  • Regulatory issues (urban planning, environment, environmentally classified installations)
  • Port development solutions
  • Feasibility and opportunity studies
  • Socio-economic project analysis
  • Preparation of applications for subsidies and aid (local, regional, national, European)

Port / river operations

  • Expertise and proposals for solutions in relation to handling (design of lifting equipment), storage and transport issues
  • Design of port terminals for all activities
  • Participation in setting up contracts (technical and operational vision in support of legal advice)

Studies on port engineering, and port and marine hydraulics

  • Data analysis (atmospheric, wave, wind, current, etc. data)
  • Wave propagation studies
  • Studies on in-port agitation, currents, navigability
  • Design of marine structures (jetties subject to hydrodynamic stress)
  • Studies on manoeuvrability, trajectography, port traffic
  • Mooring and anchoring studies

New works

  • Projects and solutions design
  • Support for implementation
  • LNG terminals by Sofregaz.
  • Fuelling station

Sofren’s references for river and marine projects are diverse – for example the design for a new river dock for the port of Bourogne and the evaluation of a docking study for the TEMA port project in Ghana.


river dock