Nuclear construction

Sofren relies on more than 10 years’ experience in the nuclear field to offer multidisciplinary expertise with a high quality service centre tailored to meet your construction and / or operational issues.

Sofren is committed to achieving a major objective: guaranteeing its studies and on-site services thereby enabling you to produce safe, efficient, and reliable nuclear energy.

Our ability to work closely with our customers, either in terms of project management or in providing technical support alongside their own experts, gives Sofren a major role in new construction and in renovation.

Teams of engineers are involved throughout the life cycle, from design to completion, and also during compliance in relation to new safety standards, which helps to extend the life of our partners’ nuclear installations.

The need to continue to be surrounded by the most highly qualified consultants in the nuclear field and the predicted growth rate in this sector over the next few years, has prompted us to support the development of our technical resources along with training for our technical teams – in particular to further improve our multidisciplinary design office.

Often, the activities involved in the design phase continue into the nuclear installation construction and renovation phases. Recognizing the need to stay in touch with our customers to ensure the success of projects, SOFREN adapts to your particular project organization. For example, the Pierrelatte design office, working closely with the SOFREN design office in Normandy, was established to operate on the Tricastin site for our customers, bringing together a number of BNIs.

Sofren’s customer base includes government agencies, designers and owners of nuclear installations and other industry players (engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, etc.).


Nuclear construction cranes