Operation and maintenance

We provide our services to the nuclear industry, maintaining and improving the operation of existing sites and the associated facilities.


The French nuclear industry is evolving rapidly. Revamping operations, post Fukushima activities, and longer lived nuclear power stations have all led to widespread installation improvement programs in which Sofren is very actively involved through its local and national operations. In particular during extensive revamping operations, these programs result in the installation of a number of diesel engines used to compensate for any breaks in the electricity supply, as well as additional pumps, and air compressors for post Fukushima activities, and the replacement of steam generators, turbines, transformers, heat exchangers for revamping. Once in place these investments will help to extend the lifespans of the power plants for decades.

Sofren, together with all the associated suppliers, is involved at all levels in these major projects: from design, through to implementation and monitoring works on the sites.

Sofren’s expertise in support, operations, and maintenance includes:

  • Electricity, automation and command control
  • Mechanics
  • Nuclear logistics
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Valves
  • Safety and radiation protection
  • Civil engineering
  • Boiler manufacturing
  • Ventilation and air conditioning

Among the current, highly diversified projects in which Sofren is involved are:

  • Requalification tests on equipment following maintenance work
  • Management of suppliers working on behalf of the operator on electricity production sites
  • Planning for chemical cleaning of steam generators as well as unit shutdowns.
  • Organization of nuclear logistics on site
  • Regulatory support
  • Updating and drafting the general rules of operation
  • Site supervision covering areas such as safety, radiation protection, environment, and waste.

Sofren monitors and manages major projects and provides its expertise in supporting its customers in a very complex industrial context that is facing enormous challenges over the next few decades.

Operation and maintenance with Sofren, Discover our expertise and differents skills !