Regulation and nuclear authority

Our multidisciplinary expertise and our experience combined with our many and varied certifications now gives us real expertise in the nuclear sector, particularly in terms of regulation and nuclear safety.

Since it was created, Sofren has acquired solid experience working on different reactor technologies such as PWR, BWR CANDU, VVR, research or generation 4 reactors and ITER. Sofren also works closely with a number of nuclear research centres and government authorities. The Fukushima disaster had the effect of further increasing the level of requirements laid down by the authorities and so increasing the number of in-depth safety studies. The aforementioned customers and partners rely on Sofren’s significant investment in the drafting procedures that must be followed in the event of serious accident (for both nuclear power plants under construction and those already in operation). In addition, SOFREN project teams operate downstream to enforce and ensure compliance with the requirements of its customers and the nuclear regulatory authorities.

Sofren teams are now able to ensure compliance with all the technical provisions, nuclear regulations, and measures relating to nuclear safety in the different project phases of the nuclear cycle – from the upstream design stage through to construction and commissioning and the compliance of the installation in operation.

SOFREN also provides:

  • Operational technical assistance
  • Regulatory support
  • Updates for the general rules of nuclear safety in the operating phase
  • Organization and logistics
  • Drafting and updates on the preliminary safety reports
  • Safety analyses
  • Risk and reliability analyses
  • Waste sorting and classification
  • Involvement in studies on cementing, vitrification, storage, and disposal processes.


The final goal is to provide high quality support and ensure the continuous improvement of its services in order to guarantee complete satisfaction.


Regulation nuclear authority