Oil and gas transport (midstream)

We support our customers through the design and installation process for gas and oil pipelines in extreme conditions (Russia, North African deserts), in sensitive environmental and social contexts (Congo, Nigeria, Angola), and in difficult technical conditions (deep offshore).

Throughout the entire oil and gas production chain, Sofren operates upstream (exploration and production) and midstream (transport of fluids). The viability and reliability of gas and oil pipelines, either onshore or underwater, are each vital aspects of any oil and gas project. The equipment is by definition synonymous with mechanical, logistical, and environmental constraints, which our engineers are able to manage on behalf of our customers.

Within the vast family of pipelines, there are several different types of installations:

  • Pipelines for transporting oil
  • Pipelines for transporting gaseous materials under pressure, and in particular natural gas. Depending on their use, gas pipelines can be classified under three main headings: gathering pipelines communicating between the exit from the reserves or from underground storage facilities to processing sites; transport and transit pipelines carrying processed gas under high pressure to urban areas or industrial consumption sites; distribution pipelines carrying gas at low pressure to domestic consumers.


Aware of the economic and political issues that such infrastructure represents for our customers, Sofren is particularly sensitive to the viability of the equipment and to monitoring gas and oil transport projects. Its design offices therefore include a dedicated department responsible for mechanical and fluid issues, specializing in pipeline related flexibility and stress calculations. They use software that also makes it possible to conduct not only fluid flow simulations but also accident and explosion simulations in order to prevent any similar risks for the actual installations.

Above and beyond design, Sofren’s teams pay special attention to monitoring the integrity of the infrastructure throughout the project’s lifetime. The midstream centre therefore focuses on oil and gas pipeline maintenance, involving issues related to materials and corrosion (including cathodic protection) as well as to the mechanical strength of pipelines that may be affected by aging.


pipeline transportation of gaz and oil