Refining and Petrochimicals

We are very keen to provide a high level of proficiency in oil and gas industry related activities, which consists of maximizing the high added value products from all the processing and refining processes carried out on a petroleum fraction.

Depending on the objectives, which are based on current prices and demand, an overall refining system is determined by the refinery operator. In petrochemical plants, the refining products (such as aromatics) are sometimes transformed into even more valuable products. The petrochemical industry focuses on using the basic chemicals found in oil to manufacture other synthetic compounds. Natural gas is also able to provide raw materials, methane and ethane, for the petrochemical industry.

Sofren has built its references on the entire oil and gas production and processing chain. Downstream activities, including refining and petrochemicals, now represent a completely separate sector for which a dedicated department was created. Standing out as a result of its specialist process expertise, Sofren provides highly specialized or multidisciplinary services (such as the complete design of a processing unit) to its refining and petrochemicals customers.

Sofren operates in different sectors of the petrochemical industry:

  • Solvents
  • Detergents
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Fertilizers
  • Plastics: resins synthetic fibres, plasticizers, elastomers, adhesives, polyester, nylon, etc.


With its references and know-how, Sofren is able to work on the various petrochemical processes used by its customers: steam cracking and extraction processes. Well aware of the complexity of the chemical technologies, Sofren structures its offering and adapts it to each situation: establishing partnerships with reputable licensors that have been approved by the customer, continuous training for our experts in innovative processes, collaboration with research and development centres.

The range of services offered by Sofren consequently extends from conceptual studies through to the detailed design phase, the basic design and feasibility phase, and drafting test and start-up procedures. The high level of expertise employed in the studies makes it possible to optimize the costs related to new grass roots projects or to existing plants, thereby increasing customers’ profits:

  • Installation set up studies
  • Studies of the overall refining system or for revamping
  • Technical and economic studies on utilities
  • Optimizing units (settings, sizing, incorporation of intermediate processes) or choosing the most appropriate technology
  • Studies on costs and maintenance schedules


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