Consultancy and technical expertise

From the time the company was set up, we have cultivated the desire to offer a variety of expert services to our customers. We always surround ourselves with specialists in our fields of activity and have all-round experience.

More than a third of our consultants have over 10 years’ experience. This statistic is important to Sofren because it demonstrates:

  • That the Group is able to offer its experts attractive projects 
  • That projects requiring multi-disciplinary studies can be supported by our specialist experts
  • That younger recruits benefit from the experience of our experts via our skills management system.


Technical consultancy and audits

Our main activity is technical and economic consultancy for the various engineering disciplines. We support our customers and solve their most complex technical and economic problems in the nuclear, oil and gas, alternative energy, and infrastructure sectors. Our consultancy services may include (non-exhaustive list):

  • Finding the most appropriate technological solution
  • Optimizing the design and / or construction methodology for an installation
  • Validating and approving a study or complex calculation report
  • Optimizing the safety or reliability of a new or existing installation
  • Auditing the failure of a system or unit (identifying causes, design errors, offering re-engineering proposals, etc.)


Project management consultancy:

Alongside finding technical solutions, we also help our customers put in place and monitor procurement and project management projects. This service secures our customers’ projects.

Furthermore, having an outside view of the project means our teams are able to offer innovative solutions and points of view. Some examples include:

  • Critical path research on a project and proposals for alternative solutions
  • Optimizing the schedule for a design and / or construction project
  • Optimizing purchase of equipment or packages
  • Preliminary overall or detailed evaluation before launching implementation studies in order to reduce the final cost of the project and / or its delivery time.


Innovative technology consultancy:

In parallel with its other activities, Sofren draws up recommendations for research and development in relation to innovative processes for waste recycling (all types: wood, plastics, etc.) and giving them a new role as raw materials. In partnership with UTC (Technology University of Compiègne) Sofren has developed an impact study on innovative pre-treatments for recycling wood waste (from stationery and other manufacturing industries).


Industrial strategy consultancy

Many of our customers have called on Sofren with the aim of positioning themselves on new markets and / or in new sectors in countries they consider will drive their industrial and / or commercial development. In this context, Sofren is able to assist its customers by advising them on accessible markets, on industrial partnerships worth examining and on the regulatory and legal issues which have to be taken into account in order to develop an appropriate strategy for a virtuous growth circle on these new markets.


Consultancy and technical expertise