Project management assistance

In addition to project management support services, we attach great importance to expanding our presence with our project owner customers by providing project management assistance. In this respect we mobilize our most competent technical and project management teams to oversee and monitor the work of the general contractor or the EPC contractor.

With its culture of engineering and consultancy, SOFREN offers its PMC (Project Management Consultancy) services to all its industrial customers. The Sofren teams run their customers’ projects in several ways. Sofren acts as the interface between the customer (responsible for the functional requirements) and suppliers (responsible for producing the detailed studies and construction on site). Sofren supports its customers in running, planning, cost control for studies and for the construction, assembly, testing, and project warranty period. The PMC may also cover assistance with the functional determination of need, examining suppliers’ tenders, purchasing support (more information on purchases page), and support in drafting contracts.

As part of this PMC offer, Sofren teams offer clear project reporting that measures progress and controls costs. Experts in planning, cost management and document control set up and track the appropriate project monitoring indicators (S Curve, dedicated document control, budget tracking tool).

This technical organization makes it possible to form dedicated and highly expert project teams throughout the life cycle of the project.

When it is necessary for a customer to use a PMC service and it is difficult to define the objectives, deliverables and scope of the expected service, SOFREN is then able to offer a needs analysis approach, helping to identify the projects concerned (size, complexity, issues), and proposing the scope of the future service (disciplines, deliverables, deadlines) in order to draft the terms of reference.

However, if the scope of the service requires expertise that is very specific and complementary to the company’s areas of expertise, SOFREN will work with a network of partners in the framework of setting up coalitions in order to provide solutions that meet all the expectations of our customers.

By knowing its customers and the issues specific to the sectors of energy, industry, and infrastructure, Sofren is completely proficient in project management and from the outset has offered appropriate services with commitments on outcomes (technical, costs and deadlines).

Project management assistance