We began developing our expertise in the area of purchasing after discovering that all our customers were seeking to reduce and optimize costs. Careful control of the needs of the supply chain makes it possible to make significant economies of scales.

SOFREN quickly observed that on all major projects, certain key aspects were unavoidable. The emergence of EPC projects (P for Procurement) demonstrates the extent to which purchasing has become one of the challenges in turnkey engineering projects.

Very soon after the company was set up, we formed a purchasing competence centre, which covers:

  • Equipment purchasing requiring :

    • Sourcing new suppliers (strategic sourcing and qualification of new products with known suppliers) and updating the list of approved suppliers.
    • Analysing and clarifying tenders / negotiation and purchasing
  • Subcontracting, which is a similar activity but focusing on buying manufacturing, assembly, testing, and transport (logistics) services from a subcontractor which can also be the lead contractor (itself calling on equipment manufacturers that it supervises) 
  • Inspection

    • Equipment and services ordered from their design to delivery on site
    • Factories, production units, methods, qualification process, subcontractor quality system
  • Expediting, which includes:

    • Monitoring contracts (execution of the order, producing amendments)
    • Managing contracts
    • Managing interfaces with the project, engineering companies and the site
    • Document tracking
    • Handling non conformities interfacing with quality assurance and inspection
    • Organizing logistics and equipment delivery
  • Contract management and claim management where specialists are responsible for enforcing the terms of the contract and managing complex litigation that can sometimes conclude with an arbitration delivered by the court designated in the contract.

With proven experience in engineering and its ability to recruit, Sofren understands that by surrounding itself with experienced buyers and project engineers and by selecting the design engineers most able to meet commercial requirements, the Group then has the expertise suitable for its customers’ turnkey .projects. Combined with appropriate specialist training, this approach has for some years enabled Sofren to offer specialist procurement services to its customers in all sectors.

With now proven experience, SOFREN helps its customers to improve their procurement practices in order to become increasingly efficient in project risk management (process efficiency, cost reductions, improved performance, and team accountability).