We provide technical solutions for your feasibility study projects to the point of the completion of the detailed studies (costings of + / – 30% for the completion of the work).

Given its experience with major players in the nuclear, oil and gas, electricity production, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, and rail infrastructure sectors, Sofren has developed expertise in dedicated multi-disciplinary studies.

The Sofren teams work throughout the upstream project cycle with the aim of:

  • Identifying the technological choices that will best meet the original terms of reference and current standards
  • Preparing the final costs for comprehensive studies and of completion (including construction, assembly, testing).


All the technical, procurement, risk management, evaluation and project management departments are involved and together form the project platform. These projects are multidisciplinary and transversal, and very often involve all Sofren’s services (more information on the Engineering & Design page, for example:

  • Civil engineering (defining the overall architecture and its foundations)
  • Processes (functional definition of customer needs for the entire process)
  • Instrumentation and systems (determination of the architecture of the system used)
  • Electricity (determination of needs and equipment for the installation studied)
  • Mechanical (determination of the types of usable materials)
  • Layout and overall design (determination of the location of equipment)
  • System dependability (determination of the equipment ensuring the safety of the processes and operators)


The Sofren teams work on pre-feasibility studies, conceptual studies, feasibility studies, preliminary design studies (or basic design). The objective of these studies is to prepare the various technical options for the customer and to choose one taking into account the project related issues (scheduling, completion costs, quality) and safety. The life cycle of the technology selected and its operation and maintenance costs also have to be incorporated. At the end of this phase project completion is costed to + / – 30%.

We also work on detailed studies on behalf of our customers on multi-disciplinary and multi-sector topics. The objective of this phase is to refine the completion costings, in particular by calling on suppliers to improve their material cost estimates. At the end of this phase, project completion is costed to +/- 15%.

Some of the flagship projects: producing the studies for the gypsum centrifuge, development of detailed studies for the construction of a new catalyst plant in Saudi Arabia, and a study on liquid discharges for a thermal power plant.