Engineering and design

Our core business covers all our specialist study activities in the engineering sciences (civil engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and programmable logic controls, etc.).

Sofren’s expertise covers:

  • Setting up specialist departments, supported by recognized experts.
  • Experience combining not only projects executed in the form of cost reimbursable contracts (resources commitment to our customers) but also those under turnkey contracts (results commitment)
  • The maturity of the design offices, which are located as close as possible to Sofren agencies and its customers’ operational offices to ensure responsiveness and proximity.


To meet the increasingly complex technological challenges presented by its customers, Sofren uses its expertise to provide appropriate services in the various areas involved in installation design. Among these are:

  • Civil engineering: by developing a department dedicated to engineering studies, Sofren is able to offer complete studies on behalf of its customers from scoping studies which determine the issues, challenges, methodology and an action plan taking into account our customers’ existing practices, to evaluation studies such seismic calculations (more information on the Consultancy and Technical Expertise page)
  • Mechanical engineering: Sofren has developed specific capabilities on finite elements calculations for all types of complex structures (either for manufacturing or for deep water oil production installations), calculations for equipment under pressure, specifications and evaluations of complex rotating machines (turbines, compressors, pumps), layout and overall design and piping studies (3D model, stress calculations, quantities).
  • Process engineering: directly related to conceptual studies, basic studies and detailed studies, the department offers its expertise on process optimization studies, in particular on thermal and fluid studies using Flowmaster software, or other software or static and dynamic simulations in order to study the behaviour of installations during the start up and shutdown phases.
  • Electrical, instrumentation, programmable logic controller: the EIA department offers implementation and specific material studies (low, medium and high voltage, supply or distribution circuits, control equipment, etc.) going as far as analysis failure following on from the presence of harmonics.


Engineering and design