Commissioning and installations

When commissioning industrial facilities, Sofren brings its expertise and experience through its highly professional consultants who are authorized, trained, and qualified in many areas: processes, instrumentation, automation, regulation, control systems, electrical and mechanical systems.

To achieve optimum commissioning on installations, Sofren tracks the final assembly stages so that the start of the test phase can be accurately predicted.

Beforehand, Sofren supports its customers in drafting and adapting the testing procedures in the engineering phase to ensure they run smoothly.

Sofren is able to either directly participate in the test phase or will supervise the subcontractor the customer has selected to perform the tests. Sofren also assists its customers in front of unforeseen circumstances or problems arise by providing high quality technical analyses with reliable solutions that meet project and customer requirements.

Following commissioning, Sofren will also operate complete industrial systems, noting lineages, consignments, and planning preventive and curative maintenance to ensure the installation performs to the maximum.

Sofren adapts to customer requirements by working strictly, in accordance with the procedures if they are defined by the customer, and in complete safety to ensure maximum compliance as regards project challenges, schedules, and costs.



Commissioning installations