Construction and supervision

Sofren’s multidisciplinary expertise is available for your construction projects. It guarantees compliant and reliable installations, inspired by innovative methodologies.

Very early on, Sofren was able to measure the extent of the major industrial challenges at both national and international levels. The company has established a proven track record for the engineering services it offers its customers. They benefit from the skills acquired during the construction and supervision phases of works in various sectors.

Firstly the teams provide supervisory services in line with the terms of reference for their new-build or revamping project program. It is an area of competence that is vital to the success of any project, as it provides additional guarantees for both customers and partners because "field" data is the most reliable. In this area Sofren’s activities in particular cover:

  • Leading works progress meetings
  • Preparing, monitoring and validating completed work
  • Drafting supervisory reports, activity reports
  • Validating supplier documentation and acceptance of installations


Our customers then firstly have the assurance that the technical requirements (procedures, norms, standards) and contractual requirements (content of the services, turnaround times) are compliant, and secondly have assurances about the safety of the works being supervised.

Finally, on many construction projects, Sofren is entrusted with organizing, monitoring, and securing projects.
Sofren has solid project management expertise (more information on the project management page) which is vital in guaranteeing the installation is completed in accordance with contractual schedule. Any delays in the completion of an installation may be subject to financial penalties, since a day’s delay means a day with no production.

The Sofren consultants are trained in the use of planning tools (Primavera P6, MS Project, etc.) and fully contribute to managing project risks by:

  • Calculating physical progress (updating schedules, risk identification, warnings and proposals for action plans)
  • Monthly reporting (milestone tracking chart, physical progress curves and critical path variance explanations)
  • Supporting "claims" services (monitoring supplier performance, revision of contractual milestone reports).

Sofren is able to offer quality services at all levels of construction projects, and so give its customers the assurance that they’ll have a smoother and better management of their activities.


Construction and supervision