Inspection and control

Ask Sofren to conduct your documentary and technical inspections and so ensure the reliability of your facilities.

Sofren will control and inspect your installation, whether in the manufacturing phase (on suppliers’ premises), the implementation phase (on site under construction) or on existing units (in operation). Sofren brings together qualified and experienced inspectors able to verify and ensure machines and equipment comply with the specified requirements. Inspectors have various accreditations depending on the sector concerned. The QSE department guarantees the necessary accreditations and renewals (the authorizations are valid for limited period after which a refresher course known as "recycling" is necessary).

The continuous training process within Sofren expands the competence of our specialist consultants who provide a high quality service during their inspections.

Sofren offers technical and documentary inspection services to ensure that products and installations are manufactured, assembled, and tested in compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements.

  • Documentary inspections: our inspectors verify that your products are manufactured according to the required standards and procedures, and that contractual requirements are met
  • Technical inspections: audit on product compliance with standards, building codes and technical requirements (destructive and non-destructive testing).


Sofren also offers its customers its experience and expertise depending on the nature of the project requirements in relation to:

  • Dimensional control
  • Weld inspection
  • Finished product quality inspection
  • Inspection of equipment in service or maintenance
  • Hardness testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Control of the manufacturing process
  • Establishment of regulatory files (ESPN).

Inspection and control