Operation and maintenance

Sofren gets involved in your projects and brings the full range of its multi-disciplinary expertise to bear in order to optimize the production and maintenance of installations, making them more reliable, efficient, modern and environmentally friendly – whatever your industry may be.


Sofren brings together project management, engineering, and innovation consultancy specialists. Sofren offers its services to operators, carrying out operation and maintenance activities in sectors as diverse as the oil & gas and electricity generation industries (nuclear, thermal, hydro, renewables) and the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for complex infrastructure.

Sofren responds quickly and flexibly to its customers' production issues, and thereby contributes to the energy and environmental performance of installations, as well as increasing their lifespans.

Sofren works on various complex issues related to operation and maintenance such as:

  • Production optimization: reducing operating and maintenance costs through innovative techniques and programmes, decreasing production times and increasing efficiency (productivity, product purity, energy consumption)
  • Modification / improvement of facilities or existing structures: resizing, calculations and modelling to overcome the issues related to aging installations or to bring them into compliance with new standards
  • Material and logistics support on modification and maintenance operations (installation shutdowns, ten year inspections, etc.)
  • Improved performance in terms of safety and environmental impact (hazard studies, hazard analysis (more information on the risk management page)
  • Diagnostics on equipment, buildings, and structures.

For these types of services, Sofren makes use of all its engineering, project management, risk management, and regulatory compliance related skills.